Monday, July 6, 2009

Why I decided to go to college.

I was a highschool drop out. I was pregnant at the age of 16 and my boyfriend was almost 2 years older than me. He graduated and then joined the Navy. When he got out of basic training, I dropped out of highschool and joined him in Illinois. We married less than a month before our daughter was born. When our daughter was 2 years old, I went to night school and earned my diploma, having my second daughter during this same time. I wanted to earn my diploma before my mother passed away from cancer. I recieved my diploma in January of 1983 (the same month I had our 2nd child) and my mother passed in April of the same year.

We eventually added a son in 1985 and I enjoyed working part time away from home, but every other minute was spent with my kids. As the years passed and my kids grew, I found myself with an empty nest and no career. I cried off and on for the first two monts after my youngest left home.

My job of teaching our children right from wrong and treating people with respect, etc. was over. I wasn't sure what to do with myself. My husband encouraged me to go to college, it was something I had always wanted to do, but never did. So, I enrolled at the community college and began my quest for a degree and a career. I was 42 years old; what was I getting myself into?!

I had to take some preparation tutoring, so that I could take the placement test. After the first few months I wasn't sure I made the right decision, but my kids and husband told me to stick with it. It's been four years now and I have my Bachelor of Science degree. I was able to get a pretty good paying job that I otherwise would not have had a chance at if I had not had a BS degree.

I decided I wanted to go all out and applied to graduate school and was accepted. So, at the end of August I will begin graduate school to earn my Master's of Social Work degree.

Tip of the's never too late to get an education. No matter how old you are, you are never too old to learn; believe and you will achieve!


  1. I agree with you. Education is a benefit no matter how old we get. We never stop learning. I also believe we must have goals to attain. What good is living if we aren't directing ourselves toward something? You are a great example.

  2. Whoohoo for you, Grad school, how fantastic. I dabbled in college, but chose to work, then went back to school in 2000 at 38 yrs old. It was the best thing I did. Although I did not work in the field of my schooling, I learned that I have the ability to learn and that was so empowering! Life offers up what I call "new normals". We don't know when or why they happen, we just have to figure them out. GO FOR YOUR "NEW NORMAL"!!!

  3. You are a great inspiration! I think being a stay-at-home-mom is the most important job on earth. Congrats on having two wonderful careers!

  4. Your story sounds a lot like mine. My children are still young (15, 12, and 9, 2 daughters then a son) I had my oldest child at the age of 21. Luckily I was already in college at the time and was focused on staying there. My hubby entered the Army when our oldest was 1 year old. After I graduated college 3 months after my husband graduated advanced training, my daughter and I moved to live with my husband. We moved around for the next 9 years, adding on to our family. I didn't work, my job was our 3 children. When we settled down, I got a job and because of having the BA, I was easily able to secure a decent position. My youngest was 4 years old. I wasn't happy being away from him and my daughters. So I switched jobs and went back to school for my MA in Early Childhood Education. Children are my lifelong passion, thanks to attending online school at the University of Phoenix, I will obtain my MA in 2 weeks, just 6 days shy of my 37th birthday. Where will it take me? I don't know. But an education can never be taken from you or go to waste!