Sunday, July 26, 2009

Suprise visitor!

Had a nice morning, hubby made coffee and we sat out on the back deck to enjoy the beautiful day. I sat for a few moments listening to a calf bellow for his mommy......I was looking for the calf and realized that the bellowing was coming from inside our fence and we don't own any cows! My husband and I jumped up to see what we needed to do to get him off of our land and back on his own. Then we thought....there's no hurry.

Hubby said "oh, he's not hurting anything at the moment, lets just sit and enjoy our coffee for a while longer and then we will tend to him." So we both sat back down and continued to eat some cherries and drink our coffee. All of the sudden we heard the creaking and mangling of barbed wire fence and the pitter patter of mean, clomping hooves of a young bull, running to his mommy! The young bull couldn't take being away from the herd any longer I guess. So now we get to do some fence repair to make sure he stays on his own side.
(Oh, and obviously we need to get busy and stain our deck as well!!)

Thanks for visiting, have a great day!


  1. Fences make the best neighbors--Robert Frost or Carl Sanburg said. Glad it was a young bull and not a larger, more destructive one!

  2. You have a very nice view. how far away are those mountains?

  3. So much for a peaceful morning. At least it was only one on your side and not the whole herd.

  4. That sounds like us. "Oh, it can wait... oops!" At least it was not boring. Isn't it nice to have blog material dumped in your lap?