Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another unexpected visitor.

The sun was shining again this morning when we got up. The cat was meow'n at the back door, when I put some soft food out for her I saw that she had already eat'n and put the leftovers by the door. Callie is her name and she hunts mice, gofers and rabbits. This morning it looked like she just had a mouse, she eats them whole but leaves the guts by the door.....YUCK!

As I am tending to Callie at the back door, I hear Daisy Mae barking at something in the front yard. I looked out the window and saw that no one was driving up, but there was our friendly little buck coming for a visit. Daisy thinks she is being a good watch dog, but the deer could care less that a little dog is telling him to move on!

Well the deer did slowly move along and Daisy felt good about herself, she came trotting back to the house with her chest held high, knowing that she protected us from the wild animals once again!
Having a deer visit, is much more pleasant than having a cow, even if it is a calf!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. Daisy Mae, you are my hero!

    I miss our deer visitors. We have too much electric fence for them to come up by the house anymore.

  2. That is so cute. How wonderful to have deer in your yard. That is a real treat. Living in the city the best I get is a bunch of squirrels.

  3. Very cute post. Thanks for sharing that! You have a great little space here. I'll definitely be coming back to visit!

  4. Lovely page!! MMM to young to be a grandma!!!!I found this page in the google coffee shop love to visit again..