Sunday, July 12, 2009


Great day today, hubby's home from WA and I have the day off. He missed me going with him to the fly-in and I wished I could have gone as well. I have found that I really enjoy traveling with my hubby. We used to travel a lot when the kids were little, but it was always to go visit family, so it wasn't really a relaxing, fun trip.The first time I realized how fun it was to travel with just my husband and no children was when our son graduated from boot camp from Fort Leonardwood, Missouri and we went down to watch. We got a late start on the day we left because my hubby had to work. We only made it across the border of Wyoming to Lake DeSmet, we camped at the reservoir. The next day we drove to Sturgis motorcycle rally, took time to walk around the shops, had a great Greek sandwich and saw the remnants of what looked like a good party the night before!

The next stop was Mount Rushmore; that was neat to see. We drove on to Mitchell South Dakota, stopping at the famous Wall Drug along the way. We stayed at a motel in Mitchell and the next morning we spent some time in Cabela’s before driving on to Missouri. If you think you are going to take some side roads to cut off some time in Missouri…….you are highly mistaken. That was our plan and it failed miserably! The side roads are twisty curvy and slow. The roads are single lane each way and soooo sloooow, they seem to go on forever!

When the day turned to dusk, we began to hear a loud, constant, high pitched screeching noise. My husband thought something was wrong with the car. I rolled my window down and told him that I believed the sound was coming from outside, not our car. We found a nice campground to stay at for the night and the camp hosts told us that the annoying noise was Cicada (not sure of the spelling) bugs, eeewww! However, I did like the fire flies that were flying around when we pitched our tent. As we lay in our tent trying to go to sleep with the Cicada bugs making their awful noise, all of the sudden the sound stopped. I assume that when the air reaches a certain temperature they quit, I don’t know if I am correct or not, but that’s my guess. It was so nice to be able to go to sleep in the peace and quite, finally! Even though I didn’t like the Cicada bugs, I liked being able to experience something totally different than where we are from.

We got up the next day and made it to Fort Leonardwood, we stayed in a motel room, spending the next few days visiting our son and watching his graduation. The Army sure keeps their hair short in boot camp, our son was practically bald. It was sure great to see him! He earned an additional award, we were/are so proud of him.

After his graduation we started back home, staying in Kansas City for a couple of days, just messing around and of course visiting their Cabela’s. We went down by the tracks and ate at Bryant’s BBQ, it was soooo gooood! If you go to Kansas City, you have to go there and eat (at the real one down by the tracks).

The rest of the trip we stopped and visited various quilt stores, ANOTHER Cabela’s store and camped one more night before returning home. The trip was really nice, we’ve gone on a couple more since then and I look forward to many, many more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!


  1. Very loud bugs indeed! The last year that we had a big population, it was so loud at my daughter's house that you couldn't enjoy being outside!

  2. Man, how can you get used to those MzzLily?