Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What would you have done?

My hubby belongs to a flying club, it's where they pay dues to belong to a club that has planes that the pilots can rent to fly. This past weekend one of the members rented one of the planes and flew out of town to pick up his sister, which went without incident.......until......They returned back to the town in which he rented the plane, his sister got out to go into the building to use the bathroom taking his cell phone with her.

He refueled the plane before he returned it to the hanger, as he got back in to restart the plane, he ended up flooding it. He kept trying to start it and it created a spark and started on fire. I guess when it does that you are supposed to crank it again to suck the flame back up and everything will be ok. Well.....he did not do this. He just let it flame. Beside the pilot seat is a fire extinquisher, this guy got out of the plane, without the fire extinquisher and proceeded to the building where his sister had his cell phone. As he walked.....he passed a second fire extinguisher, failing to use this one as well. The pilot went into the building to retrieve his cell phone from his sister.

Meanwhile...........another pilot in another building sees the smoke and flames, grabs a fire extinguisher, runs out to the flaming plane and puts the fire out. Now, mind you while all of this is going on, the pilot who caused the fire is returning back to the plane and still has not used his cell phone to call anyone! This is a seasoned pilot, who oviously has no clue how to react in an emergency situation.......I don't think I would EVER fly with this guy!!

What would you have done? Do you think you would have had enough sense to grab the fire extinquisher next to you in the plane and stop the fire before it got out of hand? (this is a small 4 passenger plane).


  1. We only know what we hope we would do. One never knows how we would react in a real situation. Although, why did he go to get his cell phone if he wasn't going to use it? And no, I would not want to fly with him if that's the best his brain will do...

  2. Wow. It's hard to believe he was a seasoned pilot. It's always hard to tell what type of person you are until you're in the situation. I agree with MzzLily, not sure I'd trust him in the air in case there was an emergency.