Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favorite Picture

Ok, here is my favorite picture. This is a picture of my middle daughter and my son the day we brought my son home from the hospital.....so it would have been September 4, 1985.

It is the most beautiful picture of love and peaceful curiosity, This picture displays a closeness between brother and sister, a big sister that will look after and care for her little brother....right?.......WRONG!

These two kids fought more than any other siblings I have ever seen. Big sister would get mad at little brother and use her fingernails as weapons......he would yell and scream.....his arm would be bleeding and out would come the clippers, I would make sister cut her nails short! I cannot count how many times this happened during the course of their childhood.

When my oldest daughter was 15, she was babysitting a friends baby, as well as watching little sister and brother. I received a call at work from my oldest telling me that little brother and sister were fighting, little brother was running away from sister and ran out into the garage, with sisiter running after him. Little brother turned around and tried to come back in the house when sister slammed the door on him, this is a steal clad entry door. Yes, what you are thinking is right......his finger was in the door......smashed, broke and bleeding.

My oldest just got her drivers license and loaded them all up in the car and took them to the doctors office and I met them there. When I walked in, middle sister was in the waiting room, head down and crying......she was very sorry for what had transpired.

Little brother ended up with his finger broken in two places, 14 stitches to put it back together and the finger nail was missing. Sister was sorry, but this did not stop the fighting; however, we never ended up at the doctors office again.

But now that they are grown.......they are the best of friends!


  1. I love the picture. So sweet. I have a couple like that. It didn't take long for me to realize that was the only time I was going to actually see peace in this house.

  2. A really great photo. So sweet and innocent.

    That sibling rivalry can be awful. I remember dealing with it with my kids and now my grandkids are fighting. I am ready for the best friends part to start.

  3. Beautiful picture! Your story reminds me of me and my oldest brother (6 yrs older). We fought like cats and dogs, and yes, blood was part of the result - but usually it was the other brother that got hurt!

  4. That is perfection :-) Thanks for sharing.

  5. This picture speaks volumes.I can relate your story to mine.This is happening in my house right now..Thanks for sharing...