Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kids say the darndest things!

We had a great time on the 4th. My daughter told me a story about my granddaughter, Liv. Liv was offered a package of fruit snacks just as they were leaving the day care. They had some at home, so Liv was told by her mom that she didn't need any because she could have one when they got home. Liv told her mom that she would never hug or kiss her again if she did not let her have the fruit snacks that were offered to her. daughter told her "that was something she was willing to risk!" As soon as they got home Liv gave her mom a kiss, but said she wasn't going to get anymore hugs!

For all of you parents out is good to keep those boudaries, because kids are always testing!

Liv is 5 years old, and an only far. My daughter and Liv will be coming to live with my husband and I for fall semester of college. My daughter will be doing her student teaching here in the same school she attended and Liv will be enrolled in kindergarten. I am looking forward to them coming.

Tip of the day........keep a journal of all the cute things children's great to look back and have a laugh when your children become adults......and believe me, it happens quick!


  1. The journal is a very good idea. You think you will remember all those cute moments but they soon are forgotten. I wish I had kept one.

  2. Agreed! A journal is a very good idea. I had school books for my munchkins, but was not as good at keeping them up as i wish i had been.
    Hey, if you get a chance, check out my blog and leave a comment. I'm new here too!
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  3. Grand #3 just turned 5. She graduated from preschool and will be attending a different one in the fall, along with Kindergarten. A few days after her birthday she asked, "Do you remember when I was 4 and went to that other school?" I had to think...