Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Losing a Parent

Yesterday I watched the farwell to MJ. It was a touching moment when his daughter, Paris spoke of her love for him. MJ appeared to be a wonderful father to those children, it is sad they are now without him.

I lost my mother when I was 20, my oldest daughter was 3 years old and my second child was just 3 months at the time of her death. I remember right after her passing, I would pick up the phone and begin to dial her number and then realize she was no longer just a phone call away. (Here is a picture of my mom, she died of cancer less than a year after this picture was taken.)It's been 26 years and although time has made it easier, the pain still remains. What really makes me sad is the fact that my children didn't get to know her, she would have been such a wonderful grandparent!

I keep her memory alive by letting my children and grandchildren know their grandma/great grandma through my memories. My mom used to always keep her fingernails and toenails filed and polished, they were always beautiful and colorful. She would never leave the house without her lipstick either, something I never wear. Mom loved the sunshine, when we would go to Ashley lake, she would always lay back and enjoy the sun. She was a hard worker, taking care of the house, cooking meals and working outside the home as well. Mom was always there for anyone who needed her, she always put others before herself. She had an infectious smile and was loved my many, she will never be forgotten. I guess God knew what a keep sake she was and wanted her with him at an early age.

I am the same age now that my mom was when she passed away, 46, that's way too young. I'm just getting started with my life. I have to live my life to the fullest and carry my mother with me. I wish the best to MJ's children and pray that they can move on with their lives, but keep his memories close to their hearts.

God Bless this day, and the people in it, remember the positive, forget the negative and keep those who have touched your lives close to your heart.


  1. I can appreciate all that you say about losing your mother. It's been 20 years since I lost mine and hardly a days passes that I don't think of her. My biggest regret is that she did not get to see her grandchildren become adults.

    Like you said though we can still carry them in our heart.

  2. aww I'm so sorry you lost your mother. I almost lost mine to breast cancer when I was 16 years old but luckily she pulled through and God decided it wasnt her time to go. I almost broke down watching Paris mourn for her father.

    But its great that you are able to keep your mother alive in your children.

  3. I am so sorry that your children have not had the joy of having their grandmother in their lives. I'm sure the memories you share with them have helped them to know her.

  4. That is soo sad!! I'm really sorry, I know what it's like to lose a Brother, but not a parent. I lost my brother to Muscular Dystrophy, he just turned 21. We were VERY close and he was close to all my family. Now, we have actually done something in his honor. We hold the Michael Day Benefit Bowl for MDA. Which we do all kinds of events to raise money for MDA. All proceeds go to MDA, we keep nothing. Even though it's still such a rough lost, now we have something to look forward to all because of my brother...