Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wishing there was more time to each day!

I took up quilting about nine years ago. I can't believe some of the things that people make, I am no where near as good as a lot of quilters items I have seen, but I try. Here is one of my first quilts that I made my grandson.


I actually finished a queen size quilt for my sister, my husband wasn't very happy with me that I gave it away. I picked out fishing fabric because my sister likes to fish, so I decided to make it for her. I have to admit it did turn our pretty nice! It's one of those mystery quilts.

This moose is my most recent project, which I still have not finished quilting yet. This one is for our future log home.
I hope to be able to get some more made during my breaks from school, but we'll see. My granddaughter is still waiting for her horse quilt she requested some time ago. I bought the material, but it is still sitting downstairs in my sewing room waiting to be cut and sewn.


  1. You do a beautiful job with the quilts. I have two friends who do quilting. One cuts each piece individually and sews it the same way. The other friend sews strips together. Then she twists and cuts them different ways into more strips so she is always sewing bigger pieces but it looks like a bunch of smaller ones when she finishes. Both women make some gorgeous items.

  2. Gorgeous quilt! I'm sure your sister will treasure it forever. The one for your grandson looks great too. Would love to see a picture of it laid out flat. I procrastinate repairing a missing button. It would take more than a lifetime for me to complete a quilt.

  3. Very nice. Looks like you have quite a talent for making quilts. It must take a lot of dedication and time to turn out such beautiful projects. I love handmade quilts. They make nice heirloom gifts. Yours will certainly be cherished for many years.

  4. I forgot to mention... The picture of you as a teen reminds me so much of my niece. You two could be twins!

  5. WOW, you do beautiful work! I've finished one zigzag log cabin and am working on another log cabin. I find it so relaxing to sit and sew. Can't wait to see your next one!

  6. Kris,
    Please stop by my blog to pick up an award.

  7. Wow !! This is beautiful ..You could hold an exhibition with your collection...