Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where is summer?

The last couple of days have been in the 60's here, where is our summer? I am sitting here wrapped in a quilt freezing my butt off. It's 57 degrees in the house but I don't want to turn the heat on because I think it is supposed to warm up in a few days. I talked with my daughter this morning and told her it was about 53 degrees outside, she said it was a little warmer where she is, but still not summer temps. I guess it doesn't matter much since I have to work today anyway, but still!

It's after 12:00 pm and I just looked at the temp on the back deck, it says 63. I am used to having anywhere from a few days, to a week or so in the 100's here during the month of August. This summer is quite different. My oldest daughter and her husband went floating and camping, I hope they are staying warm. Fall is definitely in the air; I do love fall, but I'd like to have a little heat before it sets in! Tomorrow we are going to meet some friends at a lake house on Flathead lake, I hope we have some good weather while we're there, but it will still be a good time being in a beautiful place with good company. We're going to stop on the way and look at some floor plans for our future retirement log home.

We found a great deal on a log home, but it is much larger than we want. I would like to down size, not upgrade to a larger home. We'll see how that goes. I want to pick a floor plan so we can take some numbers to the bank and see if we can get a construction loan. I think now is the time to build while prices are lower. I think the economy will be picking up and prices will start to rise again. I want a little log home for a get away now, but also big enough to accommodate us when we want to move there in the future.

We will also be stopping to check in with the person who is putting me up on Thursday nights while I am attending school 2 1/2 hours away. She happens to be my ex sister-in-laws Aunt who also used to date my father back in the 70's. Pretty funny; she's a great lady. The grad program I am attending is on Thursdays and Fridays, so she is willing to give me a room so I only have to drive over once a week.

Hubby wants to fly to the places we are going the next couple of days, but I'm not sure I want to. I am such a chicken; not much for small planes, I guess I better get used to it since the hubby is building a plane in our garage and our future home is on a private air strip! It's the weather that scares me, anything can come up quick and we have been getting a lot of bad, windy weather lately.

Here's a picture of a plane landing (or taking off, hubby took the pic) where we are planning on building our log home.


  1. Will you have that pretty view of the mountain that shows on the left side of your picture - - or it's off the right wing of the plane?

  2. I would gladly share the heat and humidity we have here. Our heat index has been around 100. I am ready for fall. I like summer but I don't tolerate the heat well. Fall will give me a chance to get outside and enjoy my backyard and patio again.

  3. I'll trade our proposed 95 degree day tomorrow for your 63!

    How great for you to be returning to school! I'm a little jealous. However I am most jealous about the log home.

    We are going over Labor Day to a log cabin we'ver rented before down in Tenn., but would love to own/build one. I'll have to pick your brain as you do it to find out what to do, and what not to do!

    I'll dream of 63 degrees tonight, hopefully that'll cool me off.

  4. We had the coolest July on record. Pool chemicals were a waste! Now it's hot. This has been one crazy summer.

  5. misslynda.....
    That picture was taken from the lot right next to us, so, yes that is part of the view we see when we visit.

    I would gladly take a little warmth, but it sounds like you are getting a bit much for my liking!

    I would send you some of our cooler weather if I could. Some people try to talk us out of building a log home, because of maintenance, but it something I have always wanted. Have fun in your log cabin over Labor Day!

    You're right Lily, this is a crazy summer!

  6. I like summer but think I had enough.
    Fall is better for getting outside, good for our healh

  7. We are slowly heading out of winter. Today was overcast and gloriously warm, with a wind carrying more heat than the last 7 days put together.

    I could smell the jasmine in the air tonight. Spring's coming. :)