Monday, August 3, 2009

Change in work status

Well, I had to make in important decision concerning work. I felt my being the Program Manager wasn't going to be a good thing while commuting every week to earn my Master's degree. So, I wrote a letter of resignation from my Manager position and asked to stay on as a Program Coordinator. It is a step down, but would allow me the freedom to be done with work when I left the building instead of continuing to work from home as well; not to mention always being on call, which I get 2 to 3 of every time I try to take a day off!

August 27, I will begin my pursuit to school, while at the same time take on the title of Program Coordinator. I saw the ad in the newspaper yesterday for the Manager job, they upped the hours for the new manager to 30, I was only offered 20, but shortly afterward they offered me 25.5. The job really should be full time at 40 hours, but until a BIG grant comes in, it won't be 40. This will also allow me to get a paid internship, which will be nice.

I keep telling myself I did the right thing because school should be my number one priority and I want the place to have a manager who will be available to the staff. We will see who we get for a new manager, so that I can take a break from those responsibilities and hand them over.

Sorry I haven't written in a while, but I was facing this dilemma of work and school and had to take time to write up a good letter to send my boss. Thanks for all of your support!


  1. That had to be a difficult decision to make. I think it is difficult to take a step down after working up. When I made a decision to step down for being the critical care nurse manager to becoming a staff nurse in our hospital cancer center I gave up hours and benefits but I was so much happier. Less stress and not being on call was worth it.

    With all that you are undertaking it sounds like you have made the right decision and when you get your master's degree you will be climbing right back up another ladder. It will all work out.

  2. Sounds like a good decision to me. Working while going to school is tough enough without the extra stress of being on call. Good luck in your studies and with your new position.