Friday, August 7, 2009

Friend awaiting mammo results

I have a friend up in Alaska that I knew in high school. We have been out of touch for about 30 years and have recently been reunited. We talk almost everyday and she sends my son packages to Afghanistan which are full of all kinds of goodies; movies, canned salmon, jerky, books, magazines, etc. She has never even met my son, but she says she feels responsible for him because it was at her birthday party back in high school that my husband and I first started dating. She is so sweet. My son loves the stuff she sends!

Last week my friend told me that she went and had a mammogram and they wouldn't give her the results. She had to make another appointment to go in and get the results. That appointment is today, I just sent her an e-mail that I am thinking about her and saying a few prayers for her. My friend said the last week has been hell, she breaks down and cries at any moment; at work and one night when her and her husband went out for dinner. I told her to try and stay positive and that it is fear of the unknown that is taking over her emotions, she agreed. Her mom has been staying with her through the summer and she hasn't said anything to her because she doesn't want to worry her mom just in case it is nothing. Which I can understand, but at the same time, I know if it were one of my daughters I would want to know to be able to give her the support she needs at the time.

I just thought I would share and ask for prayers to be sent to Alaska for my wonderful friend and I will keep you posted when I here how her appointment went. Thanks a bunch!


  1. What a stressful situation! I will definitely stop right now and say a prayer for your friend.

  2. I will keep her in my prayers as well.

  3. Positive thoughts aplenty. I hope everything works out well.