Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Did your mom used to cut your bangs?

My sister and I were just reminiscing about when our mom used to cut our hair. We were left with not much for bangs, mom should have just cut them completely off, since there wasn't ever much left anyway!! I was always left with a dutch cut, do you remember the Dutch cuts? (I'm the toe head in the black and white crushed velvet dress in the front row.)
My poor sister, there just wasn't much left of her bangs when mom was done!

God love my mom, she was just keeping up with the "Jones's" I guess! It's funny to look back at old pictures of me and my sister, but if you look at the one I posted, my mom doesn't have much for bangs either!


  1. So cool!! My Mom used to cut my siblings and my hair till we were about 15 yrs. Even Dad's hair was not spared.We use to call her standard haircut ' the Pudding bowl cut'!Thank you for sharing this which brought back my own childhood memories!

  2. I have one photo from Kindergarten and I wanted my mom to cut my bangs, but she kept telling me to 'wait' she was ironing my dads shirts. So I cut them myself.
    Which of course, was horrendously bad. So she tried to hide the asymetrical cut by cutting them shorter, and shorter, and shorter...

    I think that I started the trend of Baby Bangs back then. Those were damn short!

  3. No my mom didn't cut my hair, but she took to a beauty shop where they would whack on my hair and perm it. I would cry the whole time. I looked like a poodle when I got out of there.

  4. I used to cut my own hair, all the time or so my mom told me, I have these pictures from 3-8years old of bad lopsided hair cuts, they are just awful.

  5. I remember when it was time to start cutting my own bangs in junior high and finding out the hard way that if you cut them wet, they were lots shorter when they dried! I had a page-boy haircut that could also be a "flip" depending on how it was combed. Until my bangs grew out, I combed some to the side over my forehead until the short bangs grew out!

  6. all of your stories!

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