Friday, August 14, 2009

I thought I was pretty smart; until I took the GRE!

I must say thanks to Missy for the award. that was really great! So, THANKS Missy!
Well I am all registered for my classes and financial aid has come through again. However, I am not looking forward to paying back the $60,000 after I finish my Masters degree. I guess that's the price you pay for getting an education, huh?! It will be well worth it though, as long as I can get a good stable job when the time comes. Two more years of studying and then taking the test to become a licensed social worker. I don't know how I ever got through the GRE test to get into grad school!

The GRE (graduate record examination) has been dropped by many universities, but of course not the one I wanted to attend! Have you ever looked at some of the questions for this exam? I didn't know there were so many words that I didn't know! For example.....adumbrate, abjure, animadversion, aplomb, circumlocution, comestible, deleterious, any of you know what these words mean? I sure didn't and there are many, many more that I never even knew existed! (I have added a link on the side for if you want to get the definition of these words) I had just had 4 years of college and I felt dumber than a box of rocks when I started studying for the GRE......Uuhhgg!

I did not do well on the exam, but I was not going to pay the money to take it again. I certainly didn't want to study for it again. My daughter and one of my former professors told me not to worry about it because it didn't matter.....and they were right, because I still was accepted to grad school.

So if any of you want to go check out the GRE and take a practice test, just look it up on the Internet and try it!


  1. One of my daughters is checking into getting a Masters' Degree in teaching. The English part of the exam doesn't bother her because she was an English major as an undergrad. Math is her very weak area. I am glad you are listing the link for It is one of our favorite sites for help, too.

    So how many hours will you be taking this semester? Take very good care of your health while in school. Take your vitamins, get enough rest, etc. You will be exposed to a lot of sick kids as it gets closer to winter. However, it will be invigorating to be with persons who are excited about learning new things. I look forward to hearing about your adventures as a college student.

  2. I've got on my speed dial! Love having their thesaurus handy when I'm writing and the words aren't quite right. I think I'll let my brain rest and bypass the exam! Although, I have heard two of those words... Don't ask me what they mean.

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  4. Thanks for suggesting the GRE. I have decided to empathise with your pain rather than click on the link and produce some of my own. :)

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